Cat & Andrew

december 2011 ✦✦✦
Terry introduces Andrew to Cat. Their first date as a triad is at Westlight, where they order (nearly) one of everything off the menu and Terry gets real nerdy about Damien Hirst after a few drinks.
October 2012
Andrew meets Astrid at a diner in Saratoga Springs.
may 2013 ✦✦✦
Cat tells a sleeping Andrew she loves him.
october 2013 ✦✦✦
Astrid asks Cat if Andrew can be her dad.
november 2013 ✦✦✦
Andrew tells Cat everything.
february 2014 ✦✦✦
Astrid calls Andrew "dad" for the first time.
october 2015
Andrew proposes to Cat and they marry same-day. They make their own tin wedding rings in his shop.
april 2016
Cat's father, musician Rick Adder, dies suddenly while promoting the reissue of one of his albums overseas.
june 2016
Cat, Astrid, and Terry move to Japan after Terry receives a life changing opportunity with the MORI Building Digital Art Museum. Terry and Andrew break up. Cat and Andrew "break up."
february 2017
Andrew visits Cat, Astrid, and Terry in Japan. He stays less than a week. While there, he celebrates Astrid's birthday a whole month early and the duo eat their way through Tokyo.
october 2017
Andrew spends Samhain with Cat, Astrid, and Terry in Japan.
march 2018
Astrid's 18th birthday. This is Andrew's longest visit: four weeks.
august 2018
Andrew's last visit to Japan clocks in at just under eight days.
december 2018
Cat and Terry break up.
may 2019
Cat and Astrid come home.
10 september 2019 ✦✦✦
Cat and Andrew reconcile.
13 september 2019 ✦✦✦
Cat and Andrew remarry.
19 September 2019 ✦✦✦
Andrew tells Astrid he wants to adopt her. A week later Astrid surprises Andrew with adoption paperwork.
6 October 2019 ✦✦✦
#murderbaes conceive a #murderbaby.
16 October 2019 ✦✦✦
Cat and Andrew fly to Scotland for their three-week-long honeymoon.